Franchise Opportunity

The future belongs to knowledge-based societies and economies. Investing in education is the only way to ensure a highly skilled and well educated youth that is capable of becoming a part of the global workforce. Needless to say, this is an age of privatization and the education sector is no exception. Standards of public sector education are constantly declining. This scenario offers almost limitless investment opportunities to private sector entrepreneurs, visionaries or simply likeminded people who want to make a difference in the lives of future generations. Over the years, the private sector has contributed significantly in the educational sector and scores of private educational institutions have emerged. Their success rate is reasonably encouraging as the benefits of quality private education are increasingly becoming known and people with the means to afford such education have shown increasing willingness to send their offspring to such places. This confirms that substantial scope exists for launching new colleges to cater for the demand for quality education at a price that is considered affordable. Therefore, we are taking the initiative by inviting prospective franchisees to participate in this project.


Establish institutions with the noble mission of helping the Trust by providing quality education at an affordable price Provide education in different disciplines that leads to clear career pathways to the students in congenial atmosphere Provide a true learning atmosphere where dignity of the teacher is held supreme over all other interests Provide sound ethical and moral foundations for the students Take along parents as our partners and co-teachers in learning so that their dreams come true. Facilitate integrated development of knowledge, skills and attitudes Prepare students to play a responsible role for the economic, social and cultural welfare and well being of the society as a whole Train our teachers to play a dominant role as agents of change in grooming the students to face challenges posed by globalization.

We Offer

Area Selection and Campus Unless you already have an appropriate land or building of your own, our team will help you in area selection for campus. We will also provide assistance for purpose-built or customized campus according to situation. We can conduct a survey of the location, provide architectural support for modification and refurbishment of the College Campus as appropriate on Franchisee cost Preoperational Consultancy As soon as Memorandum of understanding is signed, consultancy will start accordingly. Like college configuration, pre operational support, area distribution and allocation with in campus, List of furniture, fixtures, laboratory equipments, suppliers and rates, list of books, uniform specifications, academic calendar, HR manual, academic manual, logo and trademarks and creative work etc. Launching Campaign and Marketing Plan To make the launching of ILM College a remarkable event, our team will provide all necessary assistance, marketing plan to create brand loyalty and long term relationships with schools, academies and other public and private institutions. Recruitment and Trainings Human resource is a life blood of any institution which can create competitive advantage at any level. Our HR team will carry out recruitment and selection process. Marketing team will conduct preoperational training for marketing staff. Professional development is a continues process, so we provide required training throughout the academic year at head office or at campus depending upon the nature of training and available resources. Investment Considerations The aim of this project is to develop a network of ILM Colleges offering quality education in Pakistan. Those who want to have the franchise of ILM College shall pay Franchise Fee once in Pak. Rs. and Royalty on receivables Please contact us for further assistance.